Donald Schön  
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Compiled by:
Stephen Newman &
Karel van der Waarde
March 2015.
Update: September 2018
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Colofon & notes

Colofon & notes

This bibliography was first published in:

Newman, S. (1999) Philosophy and Teacher Education: A reinterpretation of Donald A. Schön's epistemology of reflective practice. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate.

  The bibliography has been updated, extended, and corrected in March 2015. One publication was added in September 2018, in addition to some corrections (thank you Laureline Chiapello). Please contact us if there are mistakes or omissions.

Works are here listed by year of publication or presentation, though within each year the order is not always strictly chronological. This is in order to facilitate cross referencing with the reference list in the book, and enables relevant texts (such as the 1970 Reith Lectures) to be grouped together, the better to trace the development of Schön's work.

The use of capitals, publication dates, and titles tried to find a balance between 'accuracy' and 'standardization'.

The text on this website adds some additional information, such as ISBN numbers and links to some other publications.

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Dr Stephen Newman.
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Dr Karel van der Waarde.
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